10+2 refers to the 2 years of schooling required post grade 10, currently adopted by high schools in India . It is similar to the K12 education system, and equivalent to the International Baccalaureate and General Certificate of Secondary Education levels in the west. 10+2 refers to two years of schooling post grade 10 in India. 10+2 is gradually replacing the conventional modes of intermediate education, being the Intermediate of Science (I. Sc.). As optional subjects i.e Biology,Physics, Chemistry,Mathematics and Computer science and as language subjects i.e Non Rastrabhasha(NRB)-50 marks, altenative English/Urdu(MB)-50 marks, any one in-English,Hindi,Urdu,Pali,Sanskrit of 100 marks,as additional subject mathematics may be taken by Bio(PCB) students . Above all optional subjects are to be studied as theoretical of 70marks and practical of 30 marks .