10+2 refers to the 2 years of schooling required post grade 10, currently adopted by high schools in India . It is similar to the K12 education system, and equivalent to the International Baccalaureate and General Certificate of Secondary Education levels in the west. 10+2 refers to two years of schooling post grade 10 in India. 10+2 is gradually replacing the conventional modes of intermediate education, being the Intermediate of Arts (I.A.). As optional subjects i.e History,Political science,Sociology,Economics,Philosophy(all of 100 marks complete theoretical) , Geography,Psychology,Home-science(all of 70 marks theoretical and of 30 marks practical) and Music (theoretical-30 marks and practical-70marks) and as language subjects i.e Non Rastrabhasha(NRB)-50 marks, altenative English/Urdu(MB)-50 marks, any one from English,Hindi,Urdu,Pali,Sanskrit of 100 marks,as additional subject from optional subjects which should be non-practical may be taken.